Ellice: satur(day 25a)

E11ice P4rk

He had a cheesy hot lasagna and I had Indian vegetarian stuff.


5 thoughts on “Ellice: satur(day 25a)”

  1. Ellice, It was such a pleasure running into you and meeting Micah. I am so glad that Micah was able to explore the art in such a way that he invested in trying to understand- how wonderful! I always feel like some great hurdle in life has been accomplished when someone who does not identify as an artist can enter an art space as open minded as you described here!

    • Song Of... says:

      A million yes’s to your words! 💙💛💚❤️💜👏👏👏

    • Song Of... says:

      Hope you had super fun with Noah and Forrest after 👏👏👏

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