Dan Hsieh – Old North CBus – Day 27


Today, Anna and I had brunch and planned out our fun-busy day.  I made her some korean ramen with a couple eggs cooked in the soup.  She busted out the banana bread and I made some coffee in the press.  Kind of a weird combo but delicious none-the-less.

After brunch, Anna studied a bit while I worked on some design files that were due soon.  Afterwards, I decided to finally re-assemble my bike after a long winter.  (the other bike I was riding before today was a bike I made for my brother. I was holding on to it to swap on some components so it would ride nicer.  He was in town from Cinic’ yesterday so I finally handed it over).  After an hour of tinkering, the bike was done and we were off on another biking adventure. 
This time Anna needed to go to the store.  After some shopping, we returned home and did some chores around the house.  I continued working on some files and baked a few loaves of sourdough while Anna took a nap.  After baking, we made dinner together.  I prepared the fish and chips(star shaped taters!) while Anna made some coleslaw and guacamole.

Its feels so great to have a productive Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Dan Hsieh – Old North CBus – Day 27”

  1. Song Of... says:

    today had the perfect weather for biking! sounds like a lovely sunday with your anna! the ramen and banana bread does sound weird but i’ll try that sometime just to see what it’s like 😀

  2. Haha ya it we had a great time enjoying the weather. The noodles were a bit spicy, so the bread afterwards was a nice cool-down.

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