Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 27

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Jeni Hansen Gard

Forrest had planned to visit with his dad and cook down some maple syrup on Sunday. Since it is spring break after all, I rather sporadically decided to join him and spend some time with my little brother Noah. Noah had already made plans to play with his friend Iris so I spent the afternoon with the two of them. We shared a meal around 1:00 PM which wasn’t really much of a meal at all. Iris wasn’t hungry because she had already eaten and Noah insisted on a Lunchable with no cheese because the cheese doesn’t taste right he said it might not even be real cheese. So I dumped the cheese in the trash plated up the crackers, meat, 2 Oreos, and some raspberries. I made myself some toast and before I even took a bite they kids were ready to take to food into the living room where they could play and eat at the same time.

day 27In the end mostly they played Minecraft which I thought was Mindcraft until I just looked it up. The kids are really obsessed with it these days. The weather was nice and once we couldn’t take it inside any more we decided to get out and play at the park. It was a really nice afternoon playing in the sun. In the evening, I shared a meal with the whole family but the dishes were already cleaned and packed up so we didn’t use them.


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