Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 28


After work I spent a few hours volunteering at the local bike co-op.  There were plenty of newly donated bikes so keeping busy was not an issue.  New volunteers were joining as well, so we had an orientation that night too.  Its really amazing see how this particular facility can operate and provide for the community solely on volunteers.  Everyone is extremely nice and humble as well.  I’m into it.
My roommate also came back from Chicago that night so we just made a whole bunch of stuff random stuff in the fridge.  I really do mean it when i said random.  I had one more package of firm tofu, he had a head of cauliflower, and I was craving tator tots again.  We ended up making this delicious abomination, but there was nothing to regret.  So tasty!


3 thoughts on “Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 28”

  1. Song Of... says:

    bahaha i love that those tater tots are star shaped!! that’s the best.

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