Julie – German Village – Meal 27

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Julie Jent

Today I met up with Jeni and Forrest to share a meal together at their home. We are hoping to collaborate on a project soon and wanted to go over some details. 

When I got there, I could immediately tell that Jeni was feeling more relaxed. We talked about the status of her thesis and she confirmed that the end was indeed in sight. In fact, the entire atmosphere felt finally opened up: it was one of those early spring days where, despite relatively low temperatures, everyone is desperate for fresh air and throw open their windows to 50 degree weather and embrace the sunshine. Jeni and Forrest had their door open and the evening sunlight was coming in the windows – light, airy, bright. Such a contrast to our first meeting when Jeni was more stressed, the house was shut up tight, and everyone and everything was still hunched down in the throws of winter. I was happy to see them both starting to relax. 


Jeni and Forrest finished up making dinner and while we shared fish tacos, we laughed at old times and told funny stories about our friends. I brought strawberries and chocolate to munch after dinner while Jeni and I went over some details and Forrest (tried to) read Jeni’s thesis paper. We made plans to meet again this week and I hope to share with you all some of our plans soon!!



One thought on “Julie – German Village – Meal 27”

  1. Song Of... says:

    those crackers with toppings look sooo delicious. it’s awesome to see there’s an old friendship in this project b/t you and jeni! 😀 ❤

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