Windyn- Clintonville (Meal 28)

Windyn Hines

For tonight’s dinner I shared my meal with Calvin and we had a “bistro” meal, quiche and side salad.  Calvin made the crust-less quiche with shiitake mushrooms and spinach from our CSA.  The lettuce and carrots were also from our CSA.  The quiche was full of flavor and had a great texture with the thickly cut mushrooms and bouncy, hearty spinach.  

Today’s high was 70 degrees with sunshine (although it was windy).  When I got home I was dying to spend time outside so I went out back and swept away the piles of dead leaves from last autumn and the salt melt that still littered the sidewalk.  I checked our small garden for any signs of life, but have not yet seen any.  (I even let our pet house rabbit out, but he couldn’t find anything to eat and looked disappointed.  I told him to wait a couple more weeks.)  

Walking in the neighborhood, however, I’ve seen the first flowers of spring and I am completely thrilled.  Yesterday I saw Crocus and Snowdrop for the first time.  I also really love seeing Pussy willows.  I spent a semester abroad in Hong Kong and during Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, it was common to see people in the streets and on the metro carrying them home by the bundle because they represent prosperity in the new year.  

We ate dinner with the backdoor open and the breeze coming in until the sun set and our fingers were so cold we had no choice but to close the door and bundle up once more.  


2 thoughts on “Windyn- Clintonville (Meal 28)”

  1. Windyn, I have seen a few Crocus coming through as well– I can’t for things to start blooming!

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