Jeni Hansen Gard – Old North Columbus – Day 32

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Jeni Hansen Gard

Today is the last day of meal sharing for the project. I decide to go all out and share several meals today. Even though I have an honest sign of relief that the project will be complete. I am so sad it is coming to end. I keep telling myself the end of the project does not mean that I will not share meals anymore. But it does mean the blog will stop growing, the story will be complete, and the daily reminder will fade with time.
I shared breakfast with my neighbor and fellow graduate student Allison. Allison is also a ceramic artist and shares a studio across the hall with Britny from yesterdays post. I prepared lots of fruit for us pear, grapefruit, oranges, and grapes. We had coconut yogurt and oatmeal with maple syrup that Forrest and his dad boiled down last weekend. Allison brought over a pot of tea and we enjoyed a slow midmorning breakfast.
This afternoon I had the pleasure of joining Windyn and Boryana for afternoon snacks. Boryana is a good friend and also a fellow graduate student in painting. Her paintings are more than beautiful but I can’t really put the words together to explain them- you must see them for yourself. I have a few of her watercolors hanging in my home as a constant reminder of our friendship. It was such a pleasure to share a meal with these two ladies. Boryana introduced me to Windyn because she thought she would be interested in participating in my thesis Partake Columbus. I am so thankful she did and that Windyn decided to join the project! Windyn prepared a small feast of snacks. My favorite was the hummus she said she picked it up from the Mediterranean market, I think I will have to visit there soon. day 32- 2


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