Windyn- Clintonville (Meal 32)

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Windyn Hines

I shared a meal of tea and snacks with Jeni and Boryana today.  We ate gluten-free biscuits that I made with almond flour, drained yogurt, and eggs along with hummus and baba ghanoush from the Mediterranean Foods Imports on High Street, an assortment of cheeses, jam, avocado, dried fruits, nuts, and oranges.  We also drank tea, a honeybush rooibos and a mix called Welcome that has chamomile, lavender, rose hips, and pink peppercorns.  

Boryana introduced me to Jeni and this project.  It meant a lot to me that I was able to share a meal with them together during the project.  

It was a nice day today, having rained through the night and into the morning. By the early afternoon it had cleared up and warmed up a bit.  Before our meal, I walked through our neighborhood, taking the long way to the grocery.  At the grocery, the vendor was incredibly amiable, which helped to make me feel more a part of my community.  In addition, the warmth she exuded convinced me that, indeed, winter is finally over and spring is here!

Windyn_32c Windyn_32


One thought on “Windyn- Clintonville (Meal 32)”

  1. WIndyn, what a pleasure it was to join you and Boryona! Thank you for inviting me to your home it was a really special meal of the project:)

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