E11ice: satur(-last-day)

E11ice P4rk

Ok first of all—what a lovely day and gathering!!! 😎😎😎😎😎 beautiful weather, beautiful people, and fun foooood on jeniware. Yaaaas.

Secondly, there was a combined feeling of like.. meeting people at a random fan convention knowing something about everyone but not really knowing them… And meeting a Bunch of old friends after a long time. It was amusing and I hope for more gatherings with these partake-kinfolk. 😉🌷🌷🌷🌷👏👏👏👏😍

3rd, I felt like an awkward turtle as the 13th or 15th wheel until Micah came. My seating position afforded me the opportunity to listen to two conversations and laugh with either one. 🙂 one side of the table had Harry Potter, super heroes, and Pop culture. Another side of the table shared about upbringing in the country, and relationships, among other things. It was super cool to pass food around, serve each other, and even receive the kindness of dan making dumplings on site! 


Hmm. So. This could get ridiculous. So I’ll bullet point it.

  • I love the new friendship with Jeni. ❤
  • I appreciated Windyn and Dan’s treatment of food and eating practice.
  • I felt a sense of community doing this project with you all.
  • It took some discipline to incorporate this project into my life.
  • I loved the map of CBUS on the jeniware… it made me love Cbus a little more.
  • Doing this project became part of my spiritual practice.
  • It’s been fun taking little risks through this project.

2 thoughts on “E11ice: satur(-last-day)”

  1. Ellice, How interesting your driving skills improved I will say that was in no way intentional but I feel as though drawing the map and looking at it daily really did change my connection to this city and the roads that wind through it. I hardly have the words to thank you for your deep commitment to this project it was fascinating to follow you and experience the emotional struggles and triumphs with you. I admire your strength and I hope when life slows down we can share another meal together:)

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