Julie – German Village – Final Meal

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Julie Jent
The last day! I promised Justin there would be a lot of really good food at this meal, and I was not wrong. We enjoyed every dish that you all brought and hope you liked ours! I made a mushroom tart, which is like a quiche but has more mushrooms and onions and less egg. We make it fairly often and I got the recipe from my favorite food blog/book, Smitten Kitchen.
Some reflections on this meal and the project:
When Jeni posted a request for participants on a Facebook artists’ forum I follow, so I jumped at the chance to meet her and everyone else. I figured that one would have to be a pretty interesting person to want to join this project so I joined to connect with other artists and the community.
Growing up, I always shared meals with my family at dinner time and I thought Justin and I were doing a pretty good job of continuing that tradition. And we are – but after participating in Partake, I think it proved that we can do better. Sitting together and eating sometimes isn’t enough – I feel more conscious about the quality of the time we are sharing instead of the quantity.
I also became more aware of the number of people I interact with on a daily basis. 95% of my Partake meals were with Justin, and if my intention was to meet people and share meals, I need to actually do that! I liked how Ellice ate with soo many other people, and Nina saw her mom, brother, fiance, work friends, etc etc… I work with 4 other people all day; I come home to Justin; and I maybe see a friend a couple times during the week. On one hand, I’m very busy in the evenings and don’t have much time to hang out with people all the time, but on the other hand – I could widen my circle a little bit.
I think this project pretty much fit my expectations of the types of people I would meet and possibly opportunities that may emerge. But I also learned a little about myself and spent some time really thinking about what food and meals mean in our lives. I had a great time getting to know everyone, reading your reflections and daily life stories, and hope to also collaborate with Jeni in the future!



One thought on “Julie – German Village – Final Meal”

  1. … Sitting together and eating sometimes isn’t enough – I feel more conscious about the quality of the time we are sharing instead of the quantity. …. Julie what your wrote is so powerful thank you so much for being apart of the project and I really hope we can find a way to collaborate in the future!

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