About the Participants

The participants are coming from different neighborhoods throughout the city of Columbus.

Portrait_2Dan Hsieh
Old North Columbus
My name is Dan Hsieh.  I am a creator of sorts and a maker of things.  I think I’m a rather nice person, but have been told by some that I’m just too happy all the time.  I’m good at many things, but never excellent at one.  I like to blame it on my voracious appetite for learning anything and everything.

Windyn HinesWindyn Hines
Hi, I’m Windyn Hines and I am from New Mexico. I have a masters degree in Asian Studies from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. I speak Spanish, Indonesian, and Mandarin Chinese. I studied food recipes from different islands of Indonesia for my masters thesis.
I moved to Columbus, Ohio 1.5 years ago with my husband so he could finish his graduate education. We live at the edge of Clintonville and I like my neighborhood because of its proximity to the university, the Olengtangy River, and the ravines. I also like my neighborhood because it has many services within walking distance.
I love making food and sharing recipes and food with others. I am an artist and a cook and I am trying to be a reader. I live with my husband and the boisterous crew of two cats and a rabbit.

E11ice Park

New Albany
Ellice has lived all over the U.S. She earned her double BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art with merit scholarships. She is earning her Masters in Pastoral Care and Clinical Counseling at Methodist Theological School in Ohio with full tuition scholarships. She specializes in art as therapy. She enjoys advocating for the marginalized and platforming on opportunities for multicultural dialogue.

Julie JentJulie Jent
German Village
My name is Julie Jent, I am 23 years old, and I live in German Village with my husband and our dog. I was born and raised on a farm in Indiana, went to the University of Cincinnati, and moved to Columbus in 2013 for my husband’s job. I work as an architectural designer in a downtown office and am also a freelance artist. On the weekends, I like going to local arts events, taking 3-day weekends to camp, and painting and drawing at home.

Jed DearingJed Dearing
Originally from the Baltimore-Washington area, Jed Dearing moved to Columbus in 2001 to take an internship, and has never looked back. When not busy with work as the Program Director of Columbus’ Episcopal Service Corps Program or involved in community life in his neighborhood of Franklinton, Jed enjoys visiting friends around the world, preparing whatever fresh seafood he can get his hands on, watching movies, rooting on Baltimore sports teams, and jumping into a pickup game of anything competitive.

imageNina Bressau
Nina is an account manager for NR Media Group in Columbus. She graduated from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University and has since held positions in Germany and North Carolina. Nina enjoys traveling, exploring new areas, and relaxing over café lattes.


Todd Combs
Merion Village
I enjoy the simple things, supporting a small local restaurant, or dinner at home, with easy conversation and a relaxed pace that comes from a confidence that there is plenty, and plenty of time, to explore.

As an armchair sociologist, I am always considering various angles of situations, considering what may drive actions and reactions, decisions and indecisions.
I love porch living and all that means and brings. It is why I moved back to Columbus. I get a big ole kick from bringing people together, which is why I love this project. This is going to nudge me further along that path.
I’m an avid reader of fiction, seeking out those prize-winning stories that allow me to live and learn through experiences and perspectives of others.
As a maker of things, I explore different angles of how to re-portray existing materials into things folks will cherish. This is part of an overall lifestyle of minimizing use, recycling and having a smaller footprint, in consideration of those around me and who follow me.