About Partake Columbus

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Partake Columbus
is a meal share. Focused on they city of Columbus, food, community, and our relationship to the food we eat and the people we share it with. Partake Columbus is a community-based project bringing together an individual from seven Columbus neighborhoods to participate in a meal share for one month. Each participant has been given two handmade ceramic dish sets and committed to sharing a meal and using the dishes each day for the duration of the project from February 17th – March 21st 2015. The project is recorded here on the group blog where each participant is documenting each meal with a photograph and a written reflection. Serving as a form of data collection recording what they chose to eat, where they eat, and with whom they eat.

I believe that food is more then mere nourishment to our bodies. Food, eating, and the act of preparing meals are a vital part of life. There is symbolic meaning in a shared meal that goes beyond the object and consumption of food. I am interested in the meal, personal food choices, food as a form of communication, and the ceramic vessel as the transmitter and artifact. My work examines the life of food and people, the connection and cross over to consumption. Partake Columbus is about sharing meals, building community, and examining current food choices. Intended to raise questions in creating a culture of mindfulness in eating.

Where/When is this all taking place?


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