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Dan H – Old North Cbus – Day 29

Jeni invited Anna and I out to dinner last night.  We went to ACRE right across from Giant Eagle.  I’ve never been but was extremely impressed by how clean and its friendly staff.  ACRE is a local restaurant with a similar Northstar vibe.  They use […]

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Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 28

After work I spent a few hours volunteering at the local bike co-op.  There were plenty of newly donated bikes so keeping busy was not an issue.  New volunteers were joining as well, so we had an orientation that night too.  Its really amazing see […]


Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 24

Today Anna and I took advantage of the nice weather and decided to go on a biking adventure around Clintonville.  For Christmas, I made her a new bike with a fun logo I designed of her cat.  We also named the bike after her cat […]


Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 21

I did a bit of experimentation tonight and attempted to make cauliflower pizza.  It was a tasty disaster!  I totally skipped a step in the process which turned the “pizza” more into a pizza hash thing. First you put the cauliflower in the food processor, […]


Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 19

I invited my friend Jeff over for dinner tonight to catch up.  We both studied Art & Tech at OSU along with my roommate Zack.  It was nice being able to reminiscence and share ideas.  I decided to make a big ol’ tray of scones […]


Dan H – Old North Columbus

I met up with a client today to discuss some product design projects for her business.  She is also my previous boss who owns the tea house I use to work at.  Shes branching out to Indonesia and Australia with her business which is exciting, […]


Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 16

WINGS! Sorry for the repetition.  They were on sale again and I could not resist.  I added some fruit to make it… better for me? heh. heh. heh. I shared this meal with … obviously my roommate’s cat, Tarzan.  But also my roommate Zack and […]


Dan H – Old North Cbus – Day 15

Nothing too exciting tonight, other than walking through ankle deep slush piles.  I did clean and re-season my BakingSteel after several months of consistent usage.  It just makes me smile knowing that this piece of bake ware is going to last forever.  It is…. just […]


Dan H – Old North Cbus – Day 14

Anna and I made dinner together tonight.  Once she finished studying, I came over to cook.  It was nice and peaceful.  We just sat around and talked about our day.  I brought up and made her watch a particular Hosier & Annie Lennox performance on […]


Dan H – Old North Cbus – Day 13

I had breakfast with my Mom and Brother this morning.  The roads were unplowed so driving was a hoot!  Seriously though,  I really like driving on the snow.  Its a weird fascination I know, but there is something about that crisp crunch from the wheels […]