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E11ice: sun(day 19)

Jeni and I made korean dduhk. The way her friend gunyoung taught her. That was fun 🙂 and a lot easier than I anticipated. I hope to do it again in the future 🙂 I met her fur babies. Beast took a while to warm […]


Ellice: Satur(day 18)

I skidaddled home after facilitating Prison Ministry Training with Chuck and Debbie this morning. Had to eat something before going to work! So I wolfed down something quick–peanut butter on buttery bread and cuties!  As I write this, I realize how limited my eating palette […]


Ellice: thurs(day 16)

Heeyeon came to MTSO to do a quick dinner with me. The dining hall was closed for dinner so I didn’t get to introduce her to our seminary hill farm produce. We dashed to get her chipotle and I heated up a burger. 

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Ellice: wednes(day 15)

This is my dessert after a lunch of meats, vegetables and rice. 🙂  It’s a bread bun with sweet red bean paste filling, and a clementine. 🙂  Had a meal with myself. Enjoyed it. Even when I eat alone now, I savor my food more […]


Ellice: Tues(day 14)

Had a very simple supper. Fish. Bread. 🙂 delicious. Have a lot of things to do before going to sleep tonight. Happy. Bathed. It’s been a very full day. Prison ministry, taking minutes for the second hearing on HB 56 at the statehouse (reform in […]


Ellice: satur(day 11)

Tonight Michele came over. I lent her some slippers and a bathrobe to wear on top of her clothes. We sat around to drink tea and eat clementines. We had Korean food. Wrapped meat options, rice, and some vegetables inside large lettuce leaves. It’s a process of […]

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Ellice: fri(day 10)

I shared this snack with my colleagues during class. It is all healthy. The green crackers are made of seven vegetables. In one Moment when I turned to speak with someone outside of my group, I overheard my group members and professor laugh and talk […]

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Ellice: Thurs(day 9)

Kenya and I shared dinner that I brought, home made. Rice, potatoes, beef. Then some vegetables and fruits for dessert. Surprised her with it, that was fun! Got to share with her about Partake Columbus, to which she opened her heart and talked of the […]

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