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E11ice: satur(-last-day)

Ok first of all—what a lovely day and gathering!!! 😎😎😎😎😎 beautiful weather, beautiful people, and fun foooood on jeniware. Yaaaas. Secondly, there was a combined feeling of like.. meeting people at a random fan convention knowing something about everyone but not really knowing them… And […]


E11ice: fri(day 30)

first day of spring break: sleep all day! Yaas. Had breakfast before sending off Loel back to Wooster for her college time. Shared a basic and simple breakfast with her and Michele’s mom and michele. Tended to a couple phone calls. Then crawled back in […]

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E11ice: tues(day 28)

today I shared what #partakecolumbus is about with pastor dan, Amy, and Andrea–met Andrea for the first time! They liked the little patterns of the maps on the cups:) I had a McDonald’s happy meal I picked up between visiting court downtown and coming back […]


E11ice: mon(day 27)

Tonight, we wrapped children’s books at the vineyard! I saw misty again and met pat for the first time. I love misty’s gracious and friendly personality. They’re both cute moms. 🙂 I’m interning in vineyards prison ministry. Once a month, we go in to ORW […]


E11ice: sun(day 26)

I had dinner with my friend Soo at Easton’s Brio. Salad, soup, wine! Trying to make healthy choices. 🙂 Then a dessert of dried mangos. Not from Brio. From Costco, I think. Ha 🙂 We haven’t seen each other in a while. She’s been out […]


E11ice: satur(day 25b)

Today was the first time I’ve seen my Apa in over a week. It seems my life is the busiest in our family. So the closest I get is oftentimes, just seeing their cars in the garage at night… And enjoy the comfort of knowing […]

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E11ice: satur(day 25a)

Micah and I went to north market for lunch! He had a cheesy hot lasagna and I had Indian vegetarian stuff. Yum yum yum yum!!! I wasn’t going to post about this meal, originally because I am clearly not using the jeniware. But right after […]


E11ice: fri(day 24)

I shared a little about michele in an earlier post. Her Uma came over to teach my Uma how to make this kind of dduhk that I really like. 🙂 I really enjoy our Uma-Uma-ddahl(daughter)-ddahl friendships. It’s nice to have a sense of community between […]


E11ice: thurs(day 23b)

tonight, Marco and I shared dinner to do real talk over real food. We brought home made salads and I shared some snacks in jeni’s bowl.  We discussed our experiences of racism and discrimination. He expressed his desire to support me as I speak to […]


E11ice: thurs(day 23a)

Tashea shared she is abstaining from refined sugar this semester for our abstinence project in chemical dependency class. I felt so sad for her, especially since I was really enjoying my chocolate and dried raspberries. 😦  So I shared some snackies with her, which she […]

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E11ice: tues(day 21)

I packed a lunch today. Korean curry with rice, A leftover wedge of the dduhk Jeni and I made, and a couple cuties. 🙂 later, Joshua miller came by and gave us a round of red velvet cupcake–loved that indulgence! I shared lunch chats with […]


E11ice: mon(day 20)

Micah and I met Trisha and Tim at Jess & vinnie’s Christmas party. They are the sweetest couple, and have a one year old, Sammy. Trisha invited me to come over for some gyros. After much deliberation with my foodie friend in Chicago, I picked […]