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Ellice: fri(day 30)

  This dinner is meaty. Brisket and little oysters in tofu. With sesame oil dip mixed in salt and tiny shrimps. (Took the photo after eating a bit so the tiny shrimps aren’t in the photo). With some seasoned cukes. I think I will finish […]

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Ellice: mon(day 27)

Tonight was wrap night for the Prison Ministry at Vineyard Columbus. I shared a clementine with Jenny, had hot chocolate for myself, while Debbie had tea. Misty and pat were good without hot chocolate and tea.


Ellice: tues(day 21)

I packed a lunch today. Korean curry with rice, A leftover wedge of the dduhk (rice cake) Jeni and I made, and a couple cuties. Later, Joshua Miller came by and gave us a round of red velvet cupcake–loved that indulgence!