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Jed Dearing – Franklinton – Day 16

A wonderfully light and easy meal with the Confluence volunteers that was prepared by Nora. An arugula salad with cucumbers, smoked salmon, avocado, and homemade vinaigrette made for an excellent meal before we spent time discussing the challenges of sustaining a community of friends over […]

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Jed Dearing – Franklinton – Day 8

I have the great privilege of sharing a weekly meal with the volunteers who commit to a year working for Confluence, the Episcopal Service Corps program, that I facilitate in Franklinton. Young adults come from around Ohio and the US to join in. We have […]


Jed Dearing – Franklinton – Day 6

I was genuinely excited to see Jeni’s installation at the OSU Urban Arts Space last night. It was a blast to run into the other participants, see the photos, ceramic dishes, and blog posts, but most importantly, collect the bowls for my dish set. I’ve been […]


Jed Dearing – Franklinton – Day 5

This has been a wonderfully lazy Saturday morning, enjoying the warmth of our house while watching the huge snowflakes descend outside our windows. The flakes are particularly striking against the scarlet brick of the house next door. Saturdays are one of my only days with no […]

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Jed Dearing – Franklinton

In my bio I mention that my ideal meal is seafood and veggies, so while we didn’t have bourbon and a piece of dark chocolate for dessert, there wan’t much more I could of asked for from our opening meal than the tilapia pictured above, […]

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