Nina – Downtown (Day 30)

Unfortunately my dinner plans with a friend got moved to next week and Som is in Athens, so I ended up eating all meals by myself today. I had oatmeal twice today: one topped with berries and cereal for breakfast and another one with grapes, […]

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Nina – Downtown (Day 28)

It was another busy day at work and luckily I had some left-overs to eat for lunch. I used one of my ceramic bowls but ate at my desk by myself while working. Brandi invited me over for dinner, and she cooked a delicious dish! […]

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Julie – German Village – Meal 30

Justin and I caught up on our favorite new show, Better Call Saul, while dinner cooked– Indian-style jalfrezi with brown rice, potatoes, peas, and carrots. We don’t make Indian food very often so I was glad there was some left over for his lunch tomorrow. […]

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Windyn- Clintonville (Meal 31)

Today I shared a special weekday breakfast with Calvin.  We had leftover mushroom & spinach crustless quiche and toast.  Calvin took part of the day off and we went to Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park west of Columbus.  We brought a lunch and our binoculars and […]

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Nina – Downtown (Day 27)

Som cooks eggs for breakfast most mornings, even if we get up early for work. He’s also been hooked on Havarti cheese since we had it at my parents house a few weeks ago. I had to get up early this morning, as we had […]

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Dan H – Old North Cbus – Day 29

Jeni invited Anna and I out to dinner last night.  We went to ACRE right across from Giant Eagle.  I’ve never been but was extremely impressed by how clean and its friendly staff.  ACRE is a local restaurant with a similar Northstar vibe.  They use […]

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Julie – German Village – 28

Whew, another very busy day. I came home very tired and laid around with Justin and our dog and just couldn’t. get. back up. So we made an easy simple dinner- Black bean veggie burgers (super delicious!!) and some brussel sprouts, plus wilted spinach because I […]