Jed Dearing – Franklinton – Day 33 & Final Reflections

Jed Dearing

The project came to a close with a fantastic meal shared in the former Dinin’ Hall. Dumplings, Soup, Jambalaya, Mochi, Kale Salad, and more were on point, as everyone brought their best to the table. The offerings were uniquely matched to each person and echoed their posts throughout the last month. 

It was interesting to come to an understanding of each other through the food that was shared. Much was revealed about family, friends, values, passions, and schedules by the types of meals that were present. I enjoyed getting to share the story of Partake over the meals, and the intentionality of sitting and eating with others I might not have normally, and seeing their eyes light up when they realize the print on the dishes is a map of Columbus. 

It was fun to see the look in my friends eyes when I’d pull out the dishes, and they got to be my partner that night. There was a joy and expectation that was established that I won’t forget. Even if it was a simple meal, it was an event to serve on these dishes, and share so intimately with others. 


2 thoughts on “Jed Dearing – Franklinton – Day 33 & Final Reflections”

  1. Song Of... says:

    I love the attentiveness of everyone in this photo! & I love that detail you noted about people’s eyes lighting up to be your partner for the day, and upon registering the Columbus map! 😀 Good meeting you, Jed!

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