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Julie – German Village – Meal 30

Justin and I caught up on our favorite new show, Better Call Saul, while dinner cooked– Indian-style jalfrezi with brown rice, potatoes, peas, and carrots. We don’t make Indian food very often so I was glad there was some left over for his lunch tomorrow. […]

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Julie – German Village – 28

Whew, another very busy day. I came home very tired and laid around with Justin and our dog and just couldn’t. get. back up. So we made an easy simple dinner-¬†Black bean veggie burgers (super delicious!!) and some brussel sprouts, plus wilted spinach because I […]


Julie – German Village – Meal 27

Today I met up with Jeni and Forrest to share a meal together at their home. We are hoping to collaborate on a project soon and wanted to go over some details.¬† When I got there, I could immediately tell that Jeni was feeling more […]

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Julie – German Village – Meal 26

A day for a lot of contemplation: drawing, sketching, planning, taking breaks, running, playing, drawing again, more thinking, listening, conversing. A nice rhythm. I made all of our meals at home today and used them as nice breaks from work – tuna wraps and veggies […]

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Julie – German Village – Meal 24

I’m loving this spring weather. All day, I was wistfully looking outside at the sunshine and wishing I were running errands, walking my dog, hanging laundry on my imaginary laundry line… anything but typing on a computer in a temperature-controlled environment where “fresh air” is […]

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Julie – German Village – Meal 22

I think the giant unsweetened iced tea of yesterday’s post was a mistake, because I was wide awake until almost 1am… which was great at the time, but today I’m paying for it. I came home after work and tried to muster the energy to […]


Julie – German Village – Meal 21

A busy Monday means a quick meal. After work, Justin, Fran, and I went on a run in the spring (!) weather, I showered and went grocery shopping, and came home to make dinner. I try to keep fresh ingredients and lots of vegetables on […]