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Dan H – Old North CBus – Day 28

After work I spent a few hours volunteering at the local bike co-op.  There were plenty of newly donated bikes so keeping busy was not an issue.  New volunteers were joining as well, so we had an orientation that night too.  Its really amazing see […]


Nina – Downtown (Day 23)

I truly enjoyed the day with my mother – We went shopping (though we didn’t end up buying anything), took a long walk with my mom’s dog, shared all meals together and ended the night with a movie. Unlike the men in my family, my […]

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Nina – Downtown (Day 18)

It’s spring! I’m so excited that temperatures rose together with the time change today. My friend Brittany came to visit from Cincinnati for the day. We went to the Polaris shopping mall, ate out lunch, got coffee drinks, and then returned to my apartment to […]

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Nina – Downtown (Day 17)

Som is enjoying this project, as you can see in the photos. He made me a Twizzler heart, and then created some kind of angry face (?). We stayed in at night and watched House of Cards while snacking on candy.


Dan H – Old North Columbus

I met up with a client today to discuss some product design projects for her business.  She is also my previous boss who owns the tea house I use to work at.  Shes branching out to Indonesia and Australia with her business which is exciting, […]


Nina – Downtown (Day 13)

It’s funny how popular Nutella has become in the U.S. I grew up with Nutella, and even my mother used to eat the chocolate hazelnut spread on toast every morning for breakfast. When I was a kid, hazelnut chocolate spreads were far more popular than […]

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Nina – Downtown (Day 11)

As stated in my biography on this site, I love bakeries and baked goods – especially bread! One of my favorite breads is Müslibrot, a whole wheat bread with nuts, seeds, dried fruits and sweetened with honey. You can read more about Müsli in my […]


Dan H – Old North Cbus – Day 13

I had breakfast with my Mom and Brother this morning.  The roads were unplowed so driving was a hoot!  Seriously though,  I really like driving on the snow.  Its a weird fascination I know, but there is something about that crisp crunch from the wheels […]


Julie – German Village – Meal 12

This morning, Justin and I drove from my sister’s house in Cincinnati to the farmland in Indiana to see our parents. Going on trips to see our parents is always somewhat convenient for us because they happen to live so close- only 6 miles apart […]

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Dan H – Old North Cbus – Day 12

I spend time with one of my close friends today.  I’ve we became friends along with 3 others on the first day of the first period of middle school.  We’ve been close friends even now.  Conversation is effortless between us, since we’ve gone through middle […]

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